Thursday, May 9, 2019


Spring is finally in the air and we are getting some good weather. I am loving the sunshine and it has me itching to be outside and getting yard work stuff done and the yard and garden beautified. I hate that it all costs money but such is life.

Today I worked from 6-8 am, then worked out. I did 3 miles this morning. One walking and two running. Then Noa Ricks came over from 10:00-12:30. In that time we did playdough, played outside, went the the library for story time and went to the school to organize some books and go through the loot for the library.

This afternoon I napped. It was so needed. The boys got home from school and we went to Ucon to take Steph Gom's parents rototiller back to them. We had borrowed it but unfortunately it NEVER started! It was so nice of them to let us borrow it, i just wish we could have gotten it going. 

When we got back the kids played in the back yard with all the neighbor kids. I'm so glad the kids feel welcome here and that they enjoyed being outside all afternoon. Mathis Robinson has been here every night this week staying from 3:30-7:30 normally. He has eaten dinner with us all week. Which is totally fine. He is a good kid and he likes to be here. We had chicken noodle soup for dinner and rolls and pineapple. They all ate well except Leah didn't like the soup.

The Hodges moved on May.3 (my birthday). It is actually hitting me even hard then I thought it would. It seems so odd to not see the familiar faces and vehicles and kids in their yard. Some has been and still is one of my best friends and I miss her being so close. Especially at the beginning of Summer when we would hang out all the time. I'm happy they got to move, but still it's sad for me.

We have so many dreams and thoughts and desires to move, or rent this house out, or buy land and save, or build, or buy a dream house. The market is so high right now that we could make a really good profit. Probably close to $70,000 in equity right now. I wish we knew what to do and when to do it. Seems like so many options and uncertainties. 

I need/want to put more focus on my Savior and the gospel and less time and energy on social media. It's draining my soul and such a time waster. I want to be who I know I am capable of! 

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