Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Last night was a bit of a rough night. I didn't sleep well due to sciatic nerve pain. Today has been pretty much horrible. The pain goes from my lower left back area down my butt, leg ankle and even into my foot. It hurts to walk, or sit. Laying down eases it the most. I'm grateful I only have one class tonight, so I wont have to sit long tonight. I'm trying to take it easy but holy cow BORING!! Kasen and Layton didn't have school today. There is a district wide school shut down due to wide spread illness. The school is closed today and tomorrow, and since I can hardly walk we've been doing a whole lot of nothing. Too much TV, trying to boss them around to do some chores, some work etc. However we did watch "It Takes Two" all together and the boys actually really like it! I haven't seen that movie in probably 20 years and it used to be one of my favorites so it was super fun to watch it with them. Because the schools are closed, gymnastics was cancelled and actually mutual is cancelled tonight too which is all in all pretty nice since i'm in so much pain today. Hopefully, I will start feeling better soon! I'm making Lasagna for dinner. Usually the kids like it so hopefully there are not battles tonight! ha!

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