Tuesday, February 5, 2019


I only had one class this morning! It's Chinese New Year today so classes are crazy. My schedule was full over the weekend and now they are dropping like flies. I only have 26 classes booked right now for this week which is a lot less than my normal 40. Things will pick back up though next week. Those kids deserve a holiday break! Tonight I taught only 3 classes. 1 cancelled. Thomas took the kids rock climbing while I was teaching. He's such a great Dad. A friend of ours volunteers at the rock climbing gym so we can go for free with him when he is volunteering there. Thomas took the boys last week, and decided to bring Leah this time. Thomas said Leah was like amazing. Such a natural. She did so well, had no fear and just went for it. It made me sad I had to miss her doing it, but next time for sure! I spent SOOO much time in front of the computer today teaching, doing UBAM, and a TON of tax work to prep to for taxes. It was a good day. This morning I worked out. I did upper body fix, but in the second round there are two ab exerises that go for a minute each and repeat. I didn't think anything of it at the moment, but I can feel my sciatic now, and i'm scared it's going to cause me lots of trouble now. The criss cross ab exercises tweaked it I think.

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