Monday, June 3, 2019


Taught 4 classes 6-8 am. Got the house cleaned up, laundry going, kids fed and jobs assigned. Worked out from 9-10 or so. I did Plyo fix extreme and then walked .5 miles and then ran slowly for 1.5 miles. After I got ready and showered, we cleaned up a few more things, went to school lunch, rushed back for scouts at the Nursery, then headed to Idaho Falls to go shopping and get groceries. Mathis tagged along with us all day long and we sent him home around 9:00. Thomas was home at 5:00 which was nice. He spent more the evening making a rack for the kayak to hang up on. We cleaned up the yard, hung out. I taught a class at 7:00. then 9:00 and 9:30. In fact I just finished teaching and decided to blog about the day.

Sunday, June 2, 2019


Today flew by so fast. It's weird how some days feel that way. Nothing to crazy about today. Just got up, got house and kids ready for church. Went to church. Fast Sunday. Good meeting. I get so antsy sitting. Came home. Had an early dinner at 4. It was really good. THen made brownies and took to 3 families. Chatted with the Burnsides (they've been inactive lately), but I love them. Then we stopped by the Hodges to say hi. I love how much our kids love their kids and we love them. Good day that went way to fast.

Saturday, June 1, 2019


Today was such an awesome today! I taught my classes, worked out, got things done around the house and then got things ready to head up to the mountains to go Fourwheeling with our friends the Ricks (Derek, Juelaine, Noa and Adelaide!) We had so much fun driving around, the boys and Thomas spend a lot of time shooting, we laughed, talked, enjoyed a fire and hot dogs and just all around had a good time. I'm so grateful for good friends. When we got home I had two classes with Candy and Eric and 8:00 ad 8:30, but there was a system wide failure and parents or students could not get into the classrooms so I ended up not teaching at all that night and still got paid. Score.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Last week we had quite a difficult and emotional week trying to figure out how to parent Kasen. He is struggling lately. He keeps causing trouble and then not accepting consequences which has lead to full blown tantrums/ yelling/ storming to room and crying for an hour. It's been quite difficult, but I am trying my best. I hope we can help him to understand the importance of good behavior. I'm not sure what is triggering it all, but I hoping we can figure it out. Sometimes I wonder if it's end of the school year burn out, not getting enough sleep because of tonsil/adenoid issues (surgery scheduled for July.2), control issues, lack of comprehension, or just straight up stubborn behavior. Lately has just been particularly difficult for him to nagivate. Lot's of prayers on his behalf that is for sure.

This morning Layton was drawn to participate in the ground breaking for the renovations and additions to Harwood elementary that will be happening. It's starting next week. They are making a new full size gym, adding 8 classrooms, extending the library, adding an admin office to the front etc. It's going to fun and exciting to see all the changes. Layton got to wear the hard hat and and shovel and dig for the ground breaking. It was so cute. Leah came with and Thomas happened to be home this morning so we all went. On the way home we picked up Noa Ricks to watch for a couple of hours. I got gas, deposited some checks, delivered some books to someone, did feedback, now i'm home and will probably work on some UBAM stuff.

Monday, May 27, 2019


I taught my 4 classes this morning. Luckily, i'm feeling rested and my classes went well. Cute kids. Then we got breakfast going and Thomas' only job for today cancelled so we decided to head out on a hike. We went to the butte and hiked 4 miles. It was a fun family time. It was chilly, but good for hiking. Leah is usually a really great little hiker, but she got whiny and wanted to be carry for a lot of it. I probably carried her close to two miles.  A big part up hill! When we got home from our hike we showered and got ready. We were going to hurry and go do a bunch of errands and grocery shopping in Idaho Falls, then i was like, "Thomas I really don't want to do that! Let's just chill and we will leave a bit early before we go to Adam & Mari's to grab some essentials, but I don't wanna spend our day off shopping." So we didn't hhaha. Thomas and the kids watched a show. I read and then napped. It was soooo nice! Then we left around 4 to head to Adam & Mari's for dinner. It was a good nice simple evening. We had sandwiches and all just visited. It was great. We left around 9, had to stop at Winco for milk, then got home at around 9:30 i think. Kids went straight to bed. I read a chapter or two then called it a night.

Sunday, May 26, 2019


We had a wonderful Sunday today! I got to sleep in till 8:30, which is seriously amazing. I wake up early all week long and Sunday is just my haven. Leah was up a lot through the night too and I just needed that rest. We got up did breakfast, cleaned up, got read for church, then I had the boys read out of the "Friend" while I played some hymns on the piano. After church I let the kids watch a show and I did some reading. Then we got dinner ready for Brittany and Tanner Bush to come for dinner with their cute boys Tatum (almost 3) and Boston (2 months). I finally got to snuggle baby Boston and he' adorable. I love that family. Brittany has been one of my dearest friends for a long long time.

Monday, May 20, 2019


Had 4 classes this morning. They were all pretty good. But lower pack pain and crampy all morning. Yup lucky time of the month.  Got laundry going, house cleaned up, snuggles with Leah, chatted with Thomas, worked on UBAM, took Leah to Noa's worked out for an hour. I did the cardio flow workout and then ran two miles. It was good and nice and refreshing. After I worked out and showered I went and got Leah, we had lunch together, and now she's watching a show while I am working on some UBAM, VIPKID feedback and other computer stuff. I'm hoping when the boys get home we can all watch Avengers together since it's on Netflix. It's a cold and rainy day and they've been wanting to watch it for a while.

Sunday, May 19, 2019


Today was Sunday! It was a busy morning with getting the kids ready for church and a meal prepped for the linger longer. All of us needed to shower too so it was full, but fine. We went to church and learned about a couple of parables. The one about the man who was asked "What lack I yet" and the Savior asked him to forsake all that he had. All of his possessions and money and follow him. I learned so much about this parable that I had not thought of before. I want to be better at doing the personal study part of Come Follow Me. After Church we had the linger longer. It was actually super stressful and the kids were running around everywhere. I got so mad at them so much and they just wouldn't listen. I felt burned out by the time we got home. Thomas and I watched a show and then we did Come Follow Me with the kids, hung out as a family, cut up some watermelon and pineapple to take over to the Hodges. It was so fun to see their new house and all their stuff all put together. I would love to live on that street! Lots of good people and it's beautiful! We had a blast at the Hodges and it went way too quickly. I'm excited to hang out with them lots this summer!  My friend Monica, her little baby is in the hospital and they are waiting bone marrow results to see if its Leukemia or not. I feel so bad for all the emotions and stress she is probably feeling. I hope it is negative. It's been on my mind all day. So much love and prayers for her.

Saturday, May 18, 2019


This morning I taught 3 classes. I had a break at 7:00 and planned to go on the treadmill for a solid 20-25 minutse. Well of course Leah woke up at 7:00 came down, wanted to snuggle and hang out. I finally got her settled with a show, got my work out clothes on, and walked on treadmill for 7 minutes until she said she needed some food. ha! Mom life. Then after i taught my 7:30 class we all had breakfast, hung out, I ran 3 miles, did some arm weights, then we went to help a family in the ward move. Then I rotatilled the garden and the front area, loaded up the rotatiller to take it back to Steph's, then went to Idaho Falls to get a few things at WalMart and drop off the recycling. The kids were freaking psycho's in the store and I wanted scream at them. They were not listening at all and I got so frustrated. When we got to the care I lost it a bit and they apologized then i turned on the music and the first line to the song that was playing was "Your Momma gives you a dirty look". it was SOOO funny! Like what are the chances!?!?

We got home and Kasen put away the groceries (I think he was feeling guilty for his bad behavior), and Layton, Leah and I went to DQ to get ice cream (don't tell Daddy) ha!

The kids played in their big fort the built in the living room (and are sleeping in tonight), and i made them some dinner. Top Ramen. Yeah.... it was one of those nights. Thomas brought us home some Subway, and we built a fire in the back yard. I couldn't stay too long cause I had to teach, but I just finished teaching my 3 classes for the night and i'm OUT to go relax and watch COLONY!! waahoo!!!

Friday, May 17, 2019


This morning we had Kasen's doctor appointment with the ENT specialist. He had three ear infections through the winter and has actually been having a lot of ear pain in between all of those infection.Normally if there is fluid build of in the ears it is clear and runny. if it's been there for a while it is thick and mucus-y and and an amber color. So yeah his was thick and and amber colord and mucus-y which means the fluid has been there for awhile. They did a pressure test in his ears and it's supposed to incline over 0 but it was at -1, which isn't good. The doctor also looked at his throat and said his throat wasn't really inflamed but that it had deep crevices in it which I don't really know what that means, but is a sign of problems. Then he looked in his ear with his fancy microscope and cleaned out his ears and then peeked in. That is when he saw all of the murky build up of the fluid. He told me that when we use antibiotics for infections it gets rid of the infection but it doesn't get id of the fluid. Then he put the microscope up his nose to check out the adenoids. There was an 80% blockage in the adenoids. Basically he said we could try antibiotics to try and shrink the adenoids, but he also said that if he was betting he would bet it wouldn't work. Also he said they could put tubes in to drain the ears and it would work to get rid of the fluid, but that it wouldn't fix the cause of the problem which is his adenoids and throat. So to prevent future problems we are going to have his adenoids and tonsils removed. I think it will happen next week. When I went to call they were already closed for the day (they close at 12). I'll call Monday to find out when we can get himin.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019


We celebrated this little girl today!!! She’s funny, adorable, kind, a spit fire, goofy, athletic and truly a gem in our home. She’s spoiled and adored by all of us! Tonight in her prayer before dinner she said “ Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the food, happy birthday to me, thank you for our friends could come, amen”. It was so funny. She’s been awaiting this day for a long time and the anticipation has been driving her crazy. I’ll admit that she seems like she has been 4 for like a year, but at the same time she’s my baby and I’m having a hard time seeing her grow up. She plays well with big kids, loves strawberries, grapes, pineapple, chicken nuggets, Nutella, pasta, and cereal! She loves to be outside and ride her bike and do flips on the trampoline and climb trees. She’s loves to color and write her name and she’s not afraid to sing her little heart out. Leah fills our home with so much happy energy. She loves her family fiercely and loves to dance, do cartwheels and gymnastics! She loooves books especially story books and we love snuggling together to read stories. Love you baby girl. Happy 4th birthday!! ❤️

Sunday, May 12, 2019


Today was Mother's Day. I actually had a really emotional and grumpy morning but thanks to some amazing kids and a patient and loving husband I was able to snap out of it within a few hours. Thomas got me some chocolate milk and some Special K cereal. It was thoughtful. We went to church, had a nice dinner, walked the lake, and just spent the day as a family.