Thursday, September 27, 2018


Today my boys turned 8! I can't believe that I am the momma of two 8 year old boys. How has that happened? I took their class treats in the morning, and stayed and helped in the classroom for a bit. After school we hung out and got the Wii set up for them. (We got a Wii from Aunt Stephanie) and gave it to them Sunday night for their birthday. They had a blast playing and playing! We got little caesars for dinner (their fav) and then went to a straw maze with their Nelson cousins/aunts/uncles. It was such a fun fun night and  I was pleasantly surprised and grateful everything turned out well and even better than expected! The boys had a perfect birthday and didn't complain about anything or wanting more of anything, which was great.

Kasen is still my little cuddle bug which I love. He has more of my personality, but Thomas' interests. He is very social and has lots of friends, but he HATES  being the center of attention and being in front of people. I used to be that way too. On Sunday it was their primary program and he wouldn''t do it. He was to scared and didn't want to be in front of people. He cried and cried. I felt bad for him, but told him how special and important he was and that it was okay if he didn't go up. I encouraged him to, and bribed him, but he is also the most stubborn boy ever so he didn't. It's okay though. He has so many talents and brings so much happiness to our home that just because he doesn't like to be in front of people doesn't mean anything about his value and significance. Kasen loves wearing his hear shorter and spiked up. His favorite colors and black and blue. He loves to be outside and is a natural at shooting. He's got great aim. He's smart in school, reading super well and is liking his primary and school (somewhat anyway ha). He loves to be silly, hates the camera, loves his family, hates veggies, and loves playing with Leah. He loves to read, loves animals, and loves bones and rocks. He's a really good brother.

Layton is our jokester and attention lover. He's absolutely obsessed with books and is actually #1 or #1 (not sure which) for a competition with his whole school for who can read the most pages by the end of the year. He has a ton of confidence (maybe too much at times... he gets a little cocky sometimes). ha! Layton has a really hard work ethic and tries his best at everything, he's struggles with aim and throwing, but doesn't ever let it get him down. Layton is fun, and has a very attentive spirit that is good at recognizing the Holy Ghost. He always does things to help others and knows how to recognize good from bad. His laugh is sooo contagious. He has an awesome belly laugh and he laughs loudly at almost everything. It's awesome.

Sunday, September 16, 2018


Today was a pretty normal Sunday. We got ready for church and went to church, came home, hung out and then had our friends the Nelson's over for dinner and dessert. It was a lot of fun. While they were here Dillon's sister called and said they wanted to drop off some cookies. We told them to come on over. So ironic because Dillon's sister is married to one of my old medical assisting students, Bo Evans. Kinda fun to see him and meet his wife. The kids went to bed pretty well and tomorrow is Pajama day at school so that will b fun for them.  We are getting excited for their baptism weekend and to have family in town.

Today at church we talked about fasting and it's importance and the blessings that come from fasting. This is something I need to work on being better at and have the right mindset and intent for.

Thursday, September 13, 2018


One of my students just got a "Student IT" for class, so I didn't teach and got to leave early. I have a few minutes to write about the day.

I felt SOOO productive today. Taught 4 classes, got the kids out the door, worked out, showered (all by 9 am) then got ready and cleaned up the house then picked up Noa Ricks (Leah's joy school buddy) we switch kids Monday/Thursdays. So I took Noa and Lea to Rigby Lake to ride bikes around it! It was a brisk morning but felt perfect for riding bikes. There was a TON of arguing about who was fastest... (Leah was wayyyy ahead the whole time and I kept having to bike 1/8 mile up ahead to her to tell her to wait for us). That girl.. she seriously CRUISES on that little bike of her. She is so dang fast. I think i'm gonna take just her tomorrow and see how fast we can do a mile. I won't be surprised when she kills it! ha!

We biked the lake, then went to the bank to deposit checks and get suckers for the kids. Then we went to the library, came home and had snacks, then did some music activities that i got from the library. After Noa left I made croissant dough and made ham and cheese croissants for lunches. Then I was having a weird sharp pain in my head so I put a show on for Leah and took a nap. It was amazing! The boys came home and we really didn't do much. Hung out, got their homework done, I worked on UBAM stuff for a while, played outside, Kasen cleaned up the back yard, then we all watched an episode of "Once Upon a Time" together. Thomas didn't get home till about 7:40, then we got the kids off to bed, and I headed down to teach a class, which was cancelled early! Woot woot! That was my day today!

I am so grateful for the many blessing I have!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


I've been feeling very sad lately about my lack of keeping a record of life, happenings and the adorableness of my precious kiddos. I know this will be a huge regret one day for me.

This morning when I got done teaching my VIPKID classes, I came upstairs and as is normal Leah was very happy and excited to see me. She always yells "MOMMMMMM" and then gives me big hugs and snuggles and kisses! This morning was no different. I always makes me so loved and important.

I've been going through a "thing" lately. I think we've bascially decided to be done having kids. So with this new reality that I didn't think was going to be mine at age 29, i'm realizing that so many things i've taken for granted are going to end, and sooner than I thought. It will only be another year or two and I wont have little hands holding mine, excited jump up and down hello's every morning, small arms around my neck and "mom hold me" and "mom snuggle me" moments.

In the last episode of "The Office" one of the main characters talks about how you don't realize that you are in the "good old days" until you are out of them. How cool would it be if we could recognize our days right NOW as good ol days.

Kasen has a cute little "crush" on this girl named Addy in his class. This morning conversation

Layton: I'm friends with Addy.
Me: Did you hear that Kasen?? Layton said he is friends with your girlfriend!
Kasen: She's MINE!!! (with fists in the air and a huge teasing smile on his face)
All: laugh and laugh and laugh

We spent the morning cleaning the house, doing play dough, and only one meltdown because I wouldn't let Leah bring her play dough and play kitchen into my room.

The boys got home from Early Release at 2:00 and we boogied up to Rexburg to deliver books to the hospital! I do my annual book drive for them and they are always so grateful for the donations. Erika Moss is the gal's name who is over Labor & Delivery. She is very nice, and I love doing my annual book drive in honor of Kyrum!

We went to WalMart and while we were there Layton found Book 5 of "Dog Man" and he almost cried because of how excited he was! He's been dying to read it and loves that series. I told him no. Then while Layton was putting it back, Kasen was super adamant and supportive of buying it for Layton. "Mom Layt really really really wants that book. He loves Dog Man. We should get it for him for his birthday".

Kasen is not really one to care so much about this sort of thing, so his plea touched me and I loved how important it was to him to make Layton happy. We made a plot and Kasen snuck, back got the book, and between a few different distractions we were able to hide it from Layton through the check out line and all the way! It was so fun to have this secret plan with Kase!

We had Potato soup and bread sticks for dinner then the boys had their Primary Presidency people come over to give them a little gift and talk to them about their upcoming baptism. They got a baptism book and a white towel. It was a great conversation and we are so ready for their big day coming up on Sept.29.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Oct.7- 2017

Some highlights from this week. Kasen earned a free Ice Cream Cone to McDonald's for being a good kid. The boys came home from school on Monday and both ran a mile! It was super random but Kasen just all the sudden decided he wanted to run, so he did.

On Monday Kasen was in charge of family night. We sang Book of Mormon stories, like we do every week, Layton prayed then Kasen taught us abut the tree of life. Then Thomas took the boys to the dollar store to get Halloween decorations, while I put Leah in the tub. They didn't find anything at the dollar store, but brought home donuts for our FHE treat.

Tuesday I had mutual and we went to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins. We are going to do a service with them in a couple weeks and leave them on people's doorsteps, all decorated.

Wednesday Thomas went out the missionaries, and I worked all night.

Thursday I set up table in the library full of Usborne books to help promote the Reach for The Stars reading incentive program that has officially started that I launched. The assmebly was last Friday and went well. The kids were really excited about it.

Friday we mostly just hung out in the morning and cleaned the house. Then in the afternoon we went on a bike ride around Rigby lake. Leah was a champ and did the whole mile on her strider bike. We played at the park, threw rocks in the lake, and played in the sand for an hour or so. Then we went to Rexburg to go to Mcdonalds for Kasen's free cone, then the dollar store, then got pizza for dinner! We came home to watch a family movie with our pizza and watched the first half of the new Beauty and the Best movie, then I worked doing VIPKID for the rest of the night.

I'm not feeling great today. I wish I could nap and rest. I've been pretty tired... getting up early and going to bed late all week. The boys have been occupied reading and looking at their books and playing outside all day and Leah has been playing outside and watching Sophia the First for a bit. Soon it will be lunch time, then im hoping for a nappy if Leah goes down.

Sunday, July 16, 2017


The other day I was looking through some old pictures and I realized that there are so many thing I don't want to forget, but I know I am going to. Here's to trying to record life again.

Today was a good Sunday. The kids were fairly obedient before church, and church was good. I was just released from my calling in Nursery and I am now serving as a Laurels advisor (16-18 year old young women) and ward missionary. Thomas is the ward mission leader now. It's been a fun change, and it's been nice to remember how much I can learn and be refreshed when i'm not in nursery. I did love being in Nursery for some things though. Those kids were cute! 

After church and lunch Leah took a nap and so did I. It was awesome. We then chatted as a family, had dinner and then had some friends over for dessert.  We invited the Griffins for dinner. Heather was a childhood friend of Thomas' and they recently moved to Rexburg to finish school. It was fun to get to know them and their family better.

Yesterday was Aunt Becky's funeral. I was planning on going for most of the week and then for whatever reason I just felt like I needed to stay home. I feel sad to have missed it, but proud of myself for following the prompting. I hope Aunt Becky knows how much I love her, even though I didn't go. Dad stayed at our house Thursday night and then Ezra met up here and they left for the funeral on Friday morning early. Lindsey and the kids stayed at her moms house in Ucon. On Friday we went to the splash park in Rexburg then on Saturday I watched the kiddos while Lindsey went and got her hair done. We then hung out and the kids basically colored or played on the trampoline and with the sprinkler all day long. Our kids get along really well and I got some Bria snuggles in. 

We are absolutely loving summer. Lindz and the kids left around 4 (I think?) and Thomas brought pizza home for dinner and we headed to the lake to play at 7. Then I worked 9-11 :)

We are so grateful for the many blessing that we have. For our home and our family and the gospel. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Today has been a busy day of just getting things done and checked off the list. I love that feeling! ha! I love lists and I love crossing things off. We delivered a bunch of books to different people, got a sewing project taken care of, did story time at the library, chatted with a friend, and well that doesn't sound like a lot, but it's done! Leah was so tired by the time that we got home that I didn't even feed her lunch, she just took a bottle and fell asleep. She didnt take a nap yesterday and she is teething AGAIN. I swear the last 18 months have been teething. Those darn molars are the worst though! Poor girl.  The boys will be home in about 15 minutes so I thought i'd' hurry and just write. I want this to be a place where I can keep record of things.

Thomas is super busy this week, which is such a blessing. Things have been slow since the beginning of the year, so we need it! Thankfully I have been able to work a lot so we have been able to get by oh and Tax Returns. Hallelujah. It is finally a beautiful day outside today! We love the sunshine!!! It has been so stinking cold lately, and has even snowed twice in the last week:( booo!

Once the boys get home we are going to get a few chores done and then head to their friend Addyson's birthday party. They are our  great friends that live about 10 minutes away. Her party invitation said "Addyson's "twirl and dance party", so they were skeptical about going but I told them they could play with Ethan too and there would be pizza and games and cake, so that convinced them. Addyson is one of their best  friends, BUT she is turning 7, so she is turning into a little lady and isn't as interested in trucks, dinosaurs and wrestling as they are haha!

We are headed to UT this weekend for Easter. I am actually super duper excited. We haven't been anywhere or done anything exciting in a really long time, so this will be a nice break and nice weather. We are going to do a lot of hiking and seeing friends and family.

I ran 5 miles on Monday! Well technically I ran 3 then walked 1/2 then ran the rest 1 and 1/2. SO the total was 5. I was pretty proud of myself that I completed 5 miles with only half a mile of walking. My secret is watching Netflix so that I am completely distracting and not thinking about how far i have gone or not gone etc.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday April.9/2017

I was so tired at church today. I had a long week of working late nights and early mornings and it didn't help that we woke up to freezing cold and snow. I ended up having to stay in nursey for the full two hours since another person didn't show up. Anyway- when I got home I felt exhausted and grumpy. Luckily I was able to get an amazing nap in and I woke up like a new person. It's amazing what sleep can do for a person! 

We had such an great dinner, the kids were all super good (busy, but good). Of course Leah wants to be in involved in the kitchen while we are cooking everything! ha! I don't think I will miss trying to keep her away from the stove, the knives, the sink, the food etc.

We had our neighbors (The Hodges) over for brownies tonight. We love them and our kids get along great so it works out well. They just live across the street so it's nice that we can just text them and they come over in like 5 minutes. 

Kasen and Layton are just getting so big and so grown up. They are so smart and just such good kids. Kasen is still our animal/dinosaur loving boy. He loves to ride his bike, go hiking, play with our dog, and be around people. He likes to make friends and be outside. He also loves TV. He loves Wild Kratts. It teaches him all sorts of amazing things about animals, so it's no surprise that he loves it so much. Kasen is doing well in school and is just a little bit above average in most of his testing and socres. He is getting more and more funny and is always trying to get a laugh out of us. Kasen is still stubborn, but lately has been putting much more of an effort and understanding the importance of behaving well and controlling his temper/outbursts/stubbornness. It makes me so happy that he is recognizing that it is much more effective to be good and listen than the alternative! Kasen loves pizza, cheese, fruit, cereal, crackers, chicken and enchiladas! His favorite color is now red, which is hilarious because he and Layton switched favorites after almost 3 years. We sure love our Kaso boy!

Layton is our incredibly determined little boy who absolutely loves to learn. He is WAY above grade level with everything. Honestly, he could be going into 2nd or 3rd grade next year and be just fine. This boy adores reading, math, learning and being obedient. We are blown away by his diligence. He literally will walk in the door from school, say hi, give me hugs and go to his room to read. He is almost done with a 27 chapter Goosebumps book. Seriously, he's only in kindergarten! He also has written several stories and is currently writing a book. Complete with 9 chapters, illustrations and of course the stories. Remember that diligence and determination I mentioned before? The other day he ran a mile straight, then he did a full 30 minutes upper body work out with me. He used weights and everything, then he walked/ran THREE more miles on the treadmill. He did all of this with a smile on his face and a skip in his step. In fact he wanted to keep going but I told him to stop or his feet were going to really hurt the next day.  This kid works hit butt off, but doesn't at like it's a big deal, it's just what he enjoys doing. Layon is incredibly obedient and SO eager to please everyone. Layton really likes salty things like chips and crackers and nachos. He loves cereal, pizza, fruit and some veggies. Layton's new favorite color is blue. (He and Kasen switched favorites a couple months ago after 3 years) ha! We love our Layto Potato!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March.8, 2017

The boys are able to bring "blue dot" books home now, which are more challenging then the "red star" books.  They are so excited about the more advanced books they are bringing home and it's been fun because the books have internet reference codes on them and so after school they can go on the computer to learn more about the animal their book is about and do activities etc. I love how much they love reading. Kasen and Layton are super easy to get along with and great students, but apparently there is one teacher at the school that is really snappy and gets super mad at them for small things. I just tell them that she is probably having a hard time right now and is probably just grumpy and to try not to take it personally. It's hard for Layton because this particular teacher is his "intervention" teacher. I guess the class divides into groups and go with different "intervention"teachers to read for a while at some point throughout the day. They rotate teachers/ groups, and right now Layton really doesn't like this teacher. Of course I want to fix it for him since this teacher makes him feel bad (he's sensitive when he thinks he's done something wrong). But it is a good learning experience for him too. I'll keep an eye/ear open about the situation.

I've run two miles a day for 4 out of the 6 last days. It's been hard, but fun and challenging.  I have never been a runner lover, but we are trying to train for the Spartan Race in Boise in June. I'm super excited/nervous about it. I have never ever run a race. Not even a 5k or anything, so this is a big deal. I've also been trying to watch what I eat more too.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Moments of Pride

Sometimes Sundays can be stressful and chaotic with little ones. I know it's not meant to be that way, and we try to not make it stressful. For whatever reason today wasn't! We got up early... (i'm getting used to waking up early these days). So we weren't rushed! The kids all listened so well and we had church music playing which was always brings the spirit into our home. We weren't rushed. Thomas and I were fasting for our dear sweet sister in law, Lindsey. She has three blood clots and is struggling and in a lot of pain. She has so much going on right now with the 4 kids, and dealing with health problems and being pregnant. I was grateful for the opportunity to pray for and fast for her and their family. Anyway, church was just good today, things were relaxing, Leah was much better during sacrament meeting, and the boys teacher said the NICEST things about them today. They went in with a younger class today because their normal teacher wasn't there. Anyway the teacher who took on the two classes said she was nervous/overwhelmed when she first found out she was going to take on two classes, but then she said Kasen and Layton were SO fun and that she was so grateful they were in class today. She told me they were very reverent, good examples and answered all of the questions that she asked. My heart was bursting with pride. I always worry about my kids. I worry that they won't make good choices, that they will be naughty at school, that they will be mean or bossy or rude or something! I don't know why I worry so much, because I know they are good boys, but i don't think it's possible to not worry... haha!

It is so nice to feel like we are doing something right with our parenting when we hear such good things about our kiddos. I am so proud of the people they are becoming and I am so proud of them being good examples to other kids. We recently had parent teacher conferences too, and the boys teachers has nothing but amazing things to say about them. They are friendly, helpful, happy and smart boys. I am so grateful for them!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I'm normally one to be behind the scenes. I don't like being the center of attention and sometimes when a lot of people are looking at me I get uncomfortable. I remember very distinctly giving my very first talk in church. I was scared out of my mind. I was shaking uncontrollably and was SO nervous. I decided that day that public speaking was NEVER going to be my thing. I made up my mind that I would always be a wall flower and I would never try to make speaking in front of people a talent. I've always been taught to develop talents and to practice things that we aren't good at, but to me this was going to be the exception. This was the one thing I was not willing to try to improve. It was too scary, too uncomfortable and so not worth the stress and effort.

Well it's funny how things work out sometimes. It seems like from that day forward the Lord decided I needed to do exactly what I had already convinced myself was never possible. At 17 I spoke at Stake Conference- in front of a few hundred people. Then through college I did several presentations in front of my class. We then continued on to move 13 times and talk in church every 6-12 months for about 5 years. After that I taught a class at the University. Now, just yesterday I put on an assembly for over 700 kids. Yes, you heard that right.

I am doing a Reach for the Stars reading incentive program with one of our local Elementary schools.  Jefferson Elementary school is the biggest school in Rigby with over 850 kids! (at least that's what the PTO president told me). Anyway, GUESS WHAT? It was fun! Yes F.U.N! I got them all jazzed up about the Read-A-Thon and there was so much energy. I had a super fun ppt explaining the program, and we got excited about prizes and then we watched a video of one of my favorite authors reading one of my favorite Usborne books. It was so fun!

All of these experiences, even opportunities, have been huge blessings in my life. I have really come to love challenging myself. I've been able to be a part of some things that are way out of my comfort zone, but those things have proven to be blessing that have made me grow and learn and progress so much more than I ever thought I wanted. I never in a million years would have thought that I was capable of doing something like teaching a University class or being the center of attention and getting 700 kids all Jazzed up about a reading program. I'm so grateful for the opportunities that i've been given to stretch myself personally and to do things that are hard but rewarding.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Leah is 21 Months

Leah is getting so big!! This sweet girl is one of a kind. She melts us with her cuteness. She is independent, fun, and has a big heart and tender spirit. Leah has had a rough month! She has been teething (molars) like crazy, and has been fighting sickness so much! Last week was so hard. She literally just cried/whined/screamed at me all day every day. It was so hard for me to see her so miserable and unhappy and of course that means it was hard for me. I can put up with messes and busyness and lack of sleep, but when it's whining all day it really takes a toll on me. I am SO grateful that she is much happier now. It's reminded me of the sweet fun girl she is.

Leah loves nursery. She is so well behaved and happy and confident to stay without me. Leah is talking so much and I love hearing her say new words/phrases. She loves to "dass ooo" (Thank You), gossya (got ya) and pppeeeese (please). She is always saying "mommy". Mommy is her favorite word and then doggy. Thomas always says "She says Doggy more than Daddy!" hahaha!

She is a spit fire. She LOVES to color and read stories. She loves dogs/puppies and is always wanting to go outside. She loves coming with to take the boys to school in the morning and always says "shoes, shoeesss! When we are getting ready to go somewhere. Leah absolutely loves her brothers. Those three are really starting to be quite the pees in a pod. The boys dote on her (when shes not ruining the pictures or legos), Just last night she climbed up top into Kasen's bed and was bound and determined that she going to sleep up there with him. It was adorable. She copies everything they do and always wants to be around them!

Leah has lots of teeth and her favorite foods are apples, bananas, cheese, chips, yogurt, grapes, grilled cheese sandwhiches, top ramen and macaroni and cheese.  We love our sweet little miracle girl in our family and can't imagine life without her!