Friday, May 10, 2019


This morning I taught 3 classes and then rushed upstairs to get ready and get out the door. I needed to be at the school by 8:45 for the boys field trip today. We went to the geology center at BYUI and then to a planetarium. We listened to a presentation about the planets and then watched a video about it.  It was very little kidish and I was surprised the boys liked it. I kept dozing off.... ooops! ha! I had to rush home at 11:15 because Somer was watching Leah and she had to leave for work. I came home then went and picked up Charly Goms for the afternoon. Leah does so well with having friends over and with the nice weather the kids just play outside SOOO much more. It's amazing.

The boys had a full day. They went to BYUI then to Porter Park for lunch, then to Bear World and they did the petting zoo at Bear World, then they went to the rock park, then walked home since I drove them this morning. When they got home Mathis came over and played for a few hours. They played outside most of the time and helped me weed the garden for a bit. Then I rotatilled the garden and the front flower bed areas. I love being outside and working in the yard and garden so so much! It's amazing. It feels so important and empowering. That probably sounds silly, but it does.  I started work at 6:30 so Thomas took the kids to the lake and got pizza. They spent a couple hours together and had a good time. It was a really good day. I bet the kids will sleep in tomorrow.

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