Sunday, May 19, 2019


Today was Sunday! It was a busy morning with getting the kids ready for church and a meal prepped for the linger longer. All of us needed to shower too so it was full, but fine. We went to church and learned about a couple of parables. The one about the man who was asked "What lack I yet" and the Savior asked him to forsake all that he had. All of his possessions and money and follow him. I learned so much about this parable that I had not thought of before. I want to be better at doing the personal study part of Come Follow Me. After Church we had the linger longer. It was actually super stressful and the kids were running around everywhere. I got so mad at them so much and they just wouldn't listen. I felt burned out by the time we got home. Thomas and I watched a show and then we did Come Follow Me with the kids, hung out as a family, cut up some watermelon and pineapple to take over to the Hodges. It was so fun to see their new house and all their stuff all put together. I would love to live on that street! Lots of good people and it's beautiful! We had a blast at the Hodges and it went way too quickly. I'm excited to hang out with them lots this summer!  My friend Monica, her little baby is in the hospital and they are waiting bone marrow results to see if its Leukemia or not. I feel so bad for all the emotions and stress she is probably feeling. I hope it is negative. It's been on my mind all day. So much love and prayers for her.

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