Saturday, May 18, 2019


This morning I taught 3 classes. I had a break at 7:00 and planned to go on the treadmill for a solid 20-25 minutse. Well of course Leah woke up at 7:00 came down, wanted to snuggle and hang out. I finally got her settled with a show, got my work out clothes on, and walked on treadmill for 7 minutes until she said she needed some food. ha! Mom life. Then after i taught my 7:30 class we all had breakfast, hung out, I ran 3 miles, did some arm weights, then we went to help a family in the ward move. Then I rotatilled the garden and the front area, loaded up the rotatiller to take it back to Steph's, then went to Idaho Falls to get a few things at WalMart and drop off the recycling. The kids were freaking psycho's in the store and I wanted scream at them. They were not listening at all and I got so frustrated. When we got to the care I lost it a bit and they apologized then i turned on the music and the first line to the song that was playing was "Your Momma gives you a dirty look". it was SOOO funny! Like what are the chances!?!?

We got home and Kasen put away the groceries (I think he was feeling guilty for his bad behavior), and Layton, Leah and I went to DQ to get ice cream (don't tell Daddy) ha!

The kids played in their big fort the built in the living room (and are sleeping in tonight), and i made them some dinner. Top Ramen. Yeah.... it was one of those nights. Thomas brought us home some Subway, and we built a fire in the back yard. I couldn't stay too long cause I had to teach, but I just finished teaching my 3 classes for the night and i'm OUT to go relax and watch COLONY!! waahoo!!!

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