Friday, May 17, 2019


This morning we had Kasen's doctor appointment with the ENT specialist. He had three ear infections through the winter and has actually been having a lot of ear pain in between all of those infection.Normally if there is fluid build of in the ears it is clear and runny. if it's been there for a while it is thick and mucus-y and and an amber color. So yeah his was thick and and amber colord and mucus-y which means the fluid has been there for awhile. They did a pressure test in his ears and it's supposed to incline over 0 but it was at -1, which isn't good. The doctor also looked at his throat and said his throat wasn't really inflamed but that it had deep crevices in it which I don't really know what that means, but is a sign of problems. Then he looked in his ear with his fancy microscope and cleaned out his ears and then peeked in. That is when he saw all of the murky build up of the fluid. He told me that when we use antibiotics for infections it gets rid of the infection but it doesn't get id of the fluid. Then he put the microscope up his nose to check out the adenoids. There was an 80% blockage in the adenoids. Basically he said we could try antibiotics to try and shrink the adenoids, but he also said that if he was betting he would bet it wouldn't work. Also he said they could put tubes in to drain the ears and it would work to get rid of the fluid, but that it wouldn't fix the cause of the problem which is his adenoids and throat. So to prevent future problems we are going to have his adenoids and tonsils removed. I think it will happen next week. When I went to call they were already closed for the day (they close at 12). I'll call Monday to find out when we can get himin.

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