Monday, May 20, 2019


Had 4 classes this morning. They were all pretty good. But lower pack pain and crampy all morning. Yup lucky time of the month.  Got laundry going, house cleaned up, snuggles with Leah, chatted with Thomas, worked on UBAM, took Leah to Noa's worked out for an hour. I did the cardio flow workout and then ran two miles. It was good and nice and refreshing. After I worked out and showered I went and got Leah, we had lunch together, and now she's watching a show while I am working on some UBAM, VIPKID feedback and other computer stuff. I'm hoping when the boys get home we can all watch Avengers together since it's on Netflix. It's a cold and rainy day and they've been wanting to watch it for a while.

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