Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday April.9/2017

I was so tired at church today. I had a long week of working late nights and early mornings and it didn't help that we woke up to freezing cold and snow. I ended up having to stay in nursey for the full two hours since another person didn't show up. Anyway- when I got home I felt exhausted and grumpy. Luckily I was able to get an amazing nap in and I woke up like a new person. It's amazing what sleep can do for a person! 

We had such an great dinner, the kids were all super good (busy, but good). Of course Leah wants to be in involved in the kitchen while we are cooking everything! ha! I don't think I will miss trying to keep her away from the stove, the knives, the sink, the food etc.

We had our neighbors (The Hodges) over for brownies tonight. We love them and our kids get along great so it works out well. They just live across the street so it's nice that we can just text them and they come over in like 5 minutes. 

Kasen and Layton are just getting so big and so grown up. They are so smart and just such good kids. Kasen is still our animal/dinosaur loving boy. He loves to ride his bike, go hiking, play with our dog, and be around people. He likes to make friends and be outside. He also loves TV. He loves Wild Kratts. It teaches him all sorts of amazing things about animals, so it's no surprise that he loves it so much. Kasen is doing well in school and is just a little bit above average in most of his testing and socres. He is getting more and more funny and is always trying to get a laugh out of us. Kasen is still stubborn, but lately has been putting much more of an effort and understanding the importance of behaving well and controlling his temper/outbursts/stubbornness. It makes me so happy that he is recognizing that it is much more effective to be good and listen than the alternative! Kasen loves pizza, cheese, fruit, cereal, crackers, chicken and enchiladas! His favorite color is now red, which is hilarious because he and Layton switched favorites after almost 3 years. We sure love our Kaso boy!

Layton is our incredibly determined little boy who absolutely loves to learn. He is WAY above grade level with everything. Honestly, he could be going into 2nd or 3rd grade next year and be just fine. This boy adores reading, math, learning and being obedient. We are blown away by his diligence. He literally will walk in the door from school, say hi, give me hugs and go to his room to read. He is almost done with a 27 chapter Goosebumps book. Seriously, he's only in kindergarten! He also has written several stories and is currently writing a book. Complete with 9 chapters, illustrations and of course the stories. Remember that diligence and determination I mentioned before? The other day he ran a mile straight, then he did a full 30 minutes upper body work out with me. He used weights and everything, then he walked/ran THREE more miles on the treadmill. He did all of this with a smile on his face and a skip in his step. In fact he wanted to keep going but I told him to stop or his feet were going to really hurt the next day.  This kid works hit butt off, but doesn't at like it's a big deal, it's just what he enjoys doing. Layon is incredibly obedient and SO eager to please everyone. Layton really likes salty things like chips and crackers and nachos. He loves cereal, pizza, fruit and some veggies. Layton's new favorite color is blue. (He and Kasen switched favorites a couple months ago after 3 years) ha! We love our Layto Potato!

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