Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Today has been a busy day of just getting things done and checked off the list. I love that feeling! ha! I love lists and I love crossing things off. We delivered a bunch of books to different people, got a sewing project taken care of, did story time at the library, chatted with a friend, and well that doesn't sound like a lot, but it's done! Leah was so tired by the time that we got home that I didn't even feed her lunch, she just took a bottle and fell asleep. She didnt take a nap yesterday and she is teething AGAIN. I swear the last 18 months have been teething. Those darn molars are the worst though! Poor girl.  The boys will be home in about 15 minutes so I thought i'd' hurry and just write. I want this to be a place where I can keep record of things.

Thomas is super busy this week, which is such a blessing. Things have been slow since the beginning of the year, so we need it! Thankfully I have been able to work a lot so we have been able to get by oh and Tax Returns. Hallelujah. It is finally a beautiful day outside today! We love the sunshine!!! It has been so stinking cold lately, and has even snowed twice in the last week:( booo!

Once the boys get home we are going to get a few chores done and then head to their friend Addyson's birthday party. They are our  great friends that live about 10 minutes away. Her party invitation said "Addyson's "twirl and dance party", so they were skeptical about going but I told them they could play with Ethan too and there would be pizza and games and cake, so that convinced them. Addyson is one of their best  friends, BUT she is turning 7, so she is turning into a little lady and isn't as interested in trucks, dinosaurs and wrestling as they are haha!

We are headed to UT this weekend for Easter. I am actually super duper excited. We haven't been anywhere or done anything exciting in a really long time, so this will be a nice break and nice weather. We are going to do a lot of hiking and seeing friends and family.

I ran 5 miles on Monday! Well technically I ran 3 then walked 1/2 then ran the rest 1 and 1/2. SO the total was 5. I was pretty proud of myself that I completed 5 miles with only half a mile of walking. My secret is watching Netflix so that I am completely distracting and not thinking about how far i have gone or not gone etc.

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