Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March.8, 2017

The boys are able to bring "blue dot" books home now, which are more challenging then the "red star" books.  They are so excited about the more advanced books they are bringing home and it's been fun because the books have internet reference codes on them and so after school they can go on the computer to learn more about the animal their book is about and do activities etc. I love how much they love reading. Kasen and Layton are super easy to get along with and great students, but apparently there is one teacher at the school that is really snappy and gets super mad at them for small things. I just tell them that she is probably having a hard time right now and is probably just grumpy and to try not to take it personally. It's hard for Layton because this particular teacher is his "intervention" teacher. I guess the class divides into groups and go with different "intervention"teachers to read for a while at some point throughout the day. They rotate teachers/ groups, and right now Layton really doesn't like this teacher. Of course I want to fix it for him since this teacher makes him feel bad (he's sensitive when he thinks he's done something wrong). But it is a good learning experience for him too. I'll keep an eye/ear open about the situation.

I've run two miles a day for 4 out of the 6 last days. It's been hard, but fun and challenging.  I have never been a runner lover, but we are trying to train for the Spartan Race in Boise in June. I'm super excited/nervous about it. I have never ever run a race. Not even a 5k or anything, so this is a big deal. I've also been trying to watch what I eat more too.

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