Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Leah is 21 Months

Leah is getting so big!! This sweet girl is one of a kind. She melts us with her cuteness. She is independent, fun, and has a big heart and tender spirit. Leah has had a rough month! She has been teething (molars) like crazy, and has been fighting sickness so much! Last week was so hard. She literally just cried/whined/screamed at me all day every day. It was so hard for me to see her so miserable and unhappy and of course that means it was hard for me. I can put up with messes and busyness and lack of sleep, but when it's whining all day it really takes a toll on me. I am SO grateful that she is much happier now. It's reminded me of the sweet fun girl she is.

Leah loves nursery. She is so well behaved and happy and confident to stay without me. Leah is talking so much and I love hearing her say new words/phrases. She loves to "dass ooo" (Thank You), gossya (got ya) and pppeeeese (please). She is always saying "mommy". Mommy is her favorite word and then doggy. Thomas always says "She says Doggy more than Daddy!" hahaha!

She is a spit fire. She LOVES to color and read stories. She loves dogs/puppies and is always wanting to go outside. She loves coming with to take the boys to school in the morning and always says "shoes, shoeesss! When we are getting ready to go somewhere. Leah absolutely loves her brothers. Those three are really starting to be quite the pees in a pod. The boys dote on her (when shes not ruining the pictures or legos), Just last night she climbed up top into Kasen's bed and was bound and determined that she going to sleep up there with him. It was adorable. She copies everything they do and always wants to be around them!

Leah has lots of teeth and her favorite foods are apples, bananas, cheese, chips, yogurt, grapes, grilled cheese sandwhiches, top ramen and macaroni and cheese.  We love our sweet little miracle girl in our family and can't imagine life without her!

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