Sunday, January 15, 2017

Leah is 20 Months

Leah is 20 months old today! I can't believe it. (Yes i know the most cliche line ever used my moms). I realized she will be a whole 2 years old this year.... in only 4 months. I feel like she should be turning one, not TWO! Anyway.... she continues to be the light in our home. We all dote on her and laugh at everything she does. She is incredibly cute, endearingly sweet and a tornado all in one! She competes for business/craziness of the twins! I never thought that was possible. If she's not pulling pots and pans out, throwing the rags and towels everywhere, unwinding the toilet paper roll, climbing into the sink, getting in the shower, brushing her teeth with all of OUR tooth brushes or doing somersaults then she is drawing on the walls, climbing onto the counters, pulling out all the wipes or flushing the toilet... oh or dumping out something in the pantry.

Leah is a ball full of energy but also loves our snuggles and story time. Her favorite book right now is "My Very First Book of Things to Spot At Home", we love to find the different object on the page. Leah loves blankets, bottles, dolls, balls and coloring. She also loves when her brothers get home from school. She follows them around, plays with them, laughs with them and annoys them (when she wrecks legos or colors on their pictures). They are all the best of friends. Leah loves to be outside and LOVES dogs. She dominates Layton's puppy stuffy and she LOVES our dog magnum. We let him in the house for the first time ever last week (for like 10 minutes), and she just kept hugging him and saying " awwww.. awww... awwww" It was pretty darn cute.

Leah can say, "Mommy, Daddy, Doggy, fish, hi, yes, no, poo poo, please, bye bye, shoes, show, teeth," and probably a bunch more I can't think of right now. When she wants a drink she makes gulping sounds, so we know she is thirsty-it's so adorable.

Leah has discovered dolls lately, and she tries to feed them, give them a drink, put them in blankets, and the other day she was putting baby powder on her doll. Messy but cute! ha!

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