Friday, December 23, 2016


Last week we all got really sick and had major cabin fever. So Sunday night when I was feeling a bit better, I had a big pitty party. You see- growing up we had magical Christmas'. We literally partied every night for like two weeks. We were always busy and always had tons of super fun stuff to do.  Just imagine stepping out your front door and having endless amounts of fun right out side. Wanna go fourwheeling? Hop on and go for it. Maybe your feeling snowmobiling instead? Cool, pick that one. How about some horseback riding? Sure, why not? How about your own private sledding hill? Sweet- call some of your cousins and meet them there in 20. How about a hike? Perfect. Do you want to head North, East, South or West? You have a few hundred acres in any direction that are yours for the walking. How about some tubing? King of the hill? Snow ball fights? Skating? Not to mention the endless amount of food, chocolates, sweets, cinnamon rolls, games and fun inside. We had parties every night. If they weren't at our house they were at a cousins house down the road! It wasn't a one or two family thing. It was a 40-50 people party every night. Oh and also a solid day of basketball tournaments. So fun! Thinking about it now makes me a lil exhausted, but oh the fun and oh the memories.

I had so much at my fingertips growing up. Unlimited amounts of friends, family, food and fun. So on Sunday night I had a pitty party and I felt sad at the thought of the coming week with no snowmobiles, no family, not a ton of friends and not an unlimited resource type of Christmas. I whined and complained and felt sorry for myself, and that my kids were never going to know how Christmas really should be. But then guess what? I got over myself and I realized how many blessings we have and I came up with some solutions instead of more whining fests. I planned to go shopping with a friend, sleep in the living room with the kids on the 22nd, game night with in laws on 23 rd and Christmas eve with friends. We also planned sledding times and cookie making days.

Life is good. We can make of it what we want. For me, I'm going to make the most out of what I have and is enough and to spare. Merry Christmas!

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