Sunday, December 18, 2016

December Again!

I've been thinking about my blog a lot lately! I wish so bad I kept up with it.

This last week we all have had the flu. The sickness started with Layton who had a sore throat and coughing like- crazy. Then Kasen got it. He was sick from Monday-today (sunday). He got it the worst and was fighting high fevers, coughing, sore throat, body aches, headaches, throwing up and no appetite all week long. Poor good. Leah and I both got it too. Luckily Mine was mostly just body aches/headaches. Leah is still fighting it and is a bit miserable. :( Poor girl! Luckily Thomas has been healthy all week and still is. Lucky guy! I hope he doesn't catch it. Kasen, Leah and I are home from church today just to be safe (and Leah is still pretty icky).

I taught my very last day of class last Tuesday. Honestly it hasn't really kicked in that I'm done teaching. They have officially discontinued the program, effective in January. It's hard to understand all the why's, but I just have to have faith that there is a bigger/better picture that I don't see yet. I will miss teaching SO much!!! It's been an amazing blessing for our family, and has given me the chance to grow leaps and bounds. I will never forget the things that I learned from my time on campus and from teaching those wonderful students.

I have an interview on Tuesday- it's for an online teaching English to Chinese kids job. I don't know why I feel so nervous about it and I keep procrastinating the interview, but I'm planning for Tuesday!

The boys were home from school ALL WEEK long. So we had such a long, boring, sickness filled, cabin fever type of week. I am so glad we are pretty much over it now (with exception of Leah). Bring on the Christmas fun this week!!! We don't have any plans at all for Christmas. I need to change that and we need to make it a fun week!

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