Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Today Mom and I went out and did a little bit of shopping. She sure loves to shop. I tried on like a million dresses and shirts since she wanted to get me something for my birthday. I ended up finding a cute skirt that I liked. After that we came home and had lunch, played with the kids, I went to work, Thomas went to work, Mom babysat, and then when I got home Mom and Dad left. It's been a pretty uneventful day. I had a long conversation with a sister in the ward about our upcoming Super Saturday activity.. Lot's to do for that. We are planning a little outing tomorrow with the kids. We are going to go up to green canyon and check out some potential camping spots, and then if time permits we might go to the Hot Springs! It should be fun. We like to take the boys to do stuff like that. They just eat it up. Layton played legos a lot today and they both spent hours on the trampoline practicing their flips. I was so proud of Layton for cleaning up all of his stuff today right when I asked him to. He is such a good boy and is always trying to please everyone. He almost always says, "okay momma" anytime I ask him to do anything. He often asks me "are you proud of me when I listen so good?" You betcha buddy! Tonight they thought it would be funny to say their prayers while they were falling off the bed haha those two... it was funny... but also not reverent of course. I asked Kasen to clean off the stairs tonight and he didn't do it right away so I told him he couldn't watch anything the rest of the day. He started crying and i asked, "Kasen does crying help, or make mom want to listen to you?" He said, "oh ya. I forgot. It doesn't help. I'm sorry for not cleaning right away. Mom if I work really hard and clean it really quick, could I please watch a dinosaur movie tonight?" This is something that I have been working on with him for a really long time. So the fact that he remembered to change his behavior and what to do to fix the situation I said yes, but that he better just listen first the next time. He said he would.

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