Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I'm 27!

We did most of my birthday celebrating on the weekend so it didn't really feel like my birthday very much today, but that's okay! I still got lots of phone calls from family and of course the wonderful facebook well wishes! It's always nice to know people are thinking of me! My sweet friend Stephanie took me to Subway for lunch. She is so sweet and thoughtful. After that we just kind of played with the kids, got a few things done and Thomas left for work at 4. As most days go, about 6 neighbor kids were over playing in the back yard for a couple hours. It's fun that all the kids like to be at our place. They all love Kasen and Layton and our house is definitely a favorite! I'm just glad it's summer and they aren't in my house! haha!

Birthday are an odd thing once you start getting "older". They aren't as big of a deal, but it's still kind of special to have extra phone calls and well wishes. I have been so incredibly blessed in my 27 years. I'm grateful for all the years so far and all the things I have learned and accomplished. I'm grateful for my increased faith and testimony of the gospel and my amazing family.

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