Thursday, May 5, 2016

Green Canyon

Today we went on an adventure! Sometimes we feel like we never experience in the moment and we always say we want to do things, but then never make it happen. So last night we decided we should go to Green Canyon. Go hiking and go to the hot springs! It was an awesome family day and we had such a great time spending time together! We left around 2 and got to Green canyon about 4:40. We got out scoped the area, and went on a hike. It was pretty and there were some really cool caves and tight spaces to crawl through the rock cliffs. Near the end of the hike Kasen got his hands on some poison ivy. :( Luckily we got his hands in the cold creek nearby and it helped him feel lots better right away. After that we were ready to go swimming. Green Canyon Hot Springs is one of the most ghetto places I have ever been! hah! I couldn't believe how old and run down it was, but we still had a blast! It's a really big pool and we were basically the only ones there (just 3 old ladies doing some water aerobics were the others). Leah was very tired by this point but she did great and just laid her head on my chest for a lot of it. I'll take those baby snuggles! Kasen had a blast jumping off the side and getting thrown by Daddy. Layton is just so nervous about that kind of stuff, but he practiced swimming with me in the shallow end and made lots of improvement. Tonight in Layton's personal prayer he asked Heavenly Father if he could him be brave to jump into the pool next time. It was so cute. I know a lot of the pictures below are a lot the same, but I just want to include them all! :)

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