Friday, May 6, 2016


Leah is walking EVERYWHERE! She still mixes it up with some crawling and walking, but I can't believe how she has just taken off with it. It is the most adorable thing ever. Her little bottom tooth is cut threw too and getting bigger. I can't believe my baby is getting teeth, walking, and just becoming her own little person. I have also just cut her feedings to twice a day. I just feeding her in the morning and night AND I have started letting her cry it out in the night if she wakes up. I've never done this with her, so it's new. I was dreading starting to do this since she has been fed anytime she has woke up for her entire life. She actually doesn't cry that long. Just like five minutes. Then she goes back to bed and sleeps all night. So lot's of changes for Leah! Teeth, walking, less momma feeding, and crying it out! She was way cranky for the last two days... probably a mix of all of the changes, but today she has been a gem and i've loved just spending time with her and her sweetness. I swear in just a couple weeks she has become this little person. Her baby-ness is gone and she's like a little girl now. She has been the easiest most chill baby and i'm grateful for that! She is SO busy now. In the toilet, in the dirt, on the dishwasher, in the cupboards, in the fridge, up the deck, out the door, down the stairs, splashing in the tub, pulling everything out of everywhere-----it's adorable! haha. I will admit that nap time is a bit of a saving grace for me. I can actually get some things done for both my jobs and catch up on house work!

I feel like I have found a great balance in life lately. I have been spending more quality time with the kids, serving more, and working more effectively (so as a result working less). Teaching at BYUI has become SO much easier. I hardly have to do any prep work now. I do love it, but I don't love the time away from the kids. Well I kind of do like to get out and be away, but at the same time I know I am needed at home more. I am hoping in the fall that I can teach while the boys are at school and Leah is napping. That would be perfect and I wouldn't feel bad for leaving them. Granted it's nice that Thomas can be with them. Our schedules only overlap for about an hour 1-2 times a week so our sweet neighbor Somer let's the boys come play at her house and Leah is usually asleep so she will just send the boys to come check on her every few minutes.

The boys are just growing like weeds. Seriously. They aren't my little boys anymore but turning into "big kids". I am just glad that they will still come snuggle me and hold my hand every so often.

We borrowed our neighbors rotatiller and got our garden looking amazing! I am SO excited to get everything planted and work in it this summer and reap the rewards in the fall. We are getting plans all drawn up of what to plant where. We have so much we want to grow it's a good thing our garden is a good size!

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