Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cokeville Miracle

Tonight Thomas and I watched a show on Netflix called "The Cokeville Miracle". It is AMAZING. I seriously balled through almost the whole thing. It is about a psycho who decided to take an Elementary school hostage and planned to bomb the school, to create a "Brave New World". I wish it would have explained further the "why" behind his craziness but it didn't. Anyway amazingly and after miracle after miracle after miracle, the bomb did go off but the only two people who lost their lives that day were the two perpetrators. This movie teaches faith and the power of prayer and trust. I can't recommend it highly enough. After we finished I went and snuggle the boys for a solid 10 minutes each. They are the most precious things in my life. I have always struggled trying to figure out "how" I should be raising my kids, but lately I have found a lot of peace in just doing what I feel I should do and not comparing to others. They are my kids and they need me, not other people and not other ways. I've come to realize that others opinions don't matter. I'm doing the best I can and learning from mistakes, but these little angels i've been blessed with are entitled to have the best ME and that is what I am going to offer them. My heart breaks for children who are abused or mistreated in anyway. The world can be an ugly place. When I watch shows like the Cokeville miracle it reminds me to not take my kids for granted. If anything every happened to any of them I feel like my heart would literally shatter. They are my world.

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