Monday, March 7, 2016

Playing Catch up!

Last night I had a crazy dream about my class. I think I was subconsciously really nervous about starting blood draws today. ( I don't know why!) It's like my favorite part of the class. Anyway I told my class about it and we all laughed. Luckily the first day of blood draws went great and as smooth as possible. My class did pretty good too! Especially for it being their first day. Most all of them have really good veins so that helps! Only two students have hard to get ones!

Spring is definitely here! Granted it did snow last night in Rexburg. It didn't here in Rigby though, and it was SO nice this afternoon. The boys play outside for hours on end with all the little neighborhood kids and it's just so fun for them. They are definitely learning a lot of lessons. Like, kids don't always want to play the game you do and other kids like to be in control too. It's good for them.

We got their bikes all fixed up for the season so they have been cruising around like crazy! We need to get them some helmets for sure this year... and get those dang training wheels off! haha!

Leah is crawling everywhere and has totally hit that stage where she is basically a total mess at any given time. Into everything, eating everything, smashing everything, opening everything and everything else. She is totally a Momma's girl. It is so endearing.

I wish I could back track and make individual posts about all of the photos i'm going to post, but in reality I just don't have the time and patience for it. I've had an issue with my pictures for the last few months, but a friend just fixed it! It took him like two minutes! haha! So now I can view them and upload them no problem. Anyway here are some pictures from the last while!!

Leah girl with Santa!

My first class! I LOVED them SOO much!

The boys are in a phase of wanting to sleep anywhere but in their beds! Here is Layton is a box. I used to do the same thing when I was little!

Gorgeous girl with her Christmas dress!

Trying baby food a few months ago. She hates it.
 Getting up on hands and knees! 7 months old!

 Our new home! Kitchen all unpacked! Love my kitchen!! :)

Leah loving her jolly jumper! She loves getting lot's of jumping in and getting as high as she can!

Starting to decorate for Christmas!

No Layton!! We Can't open our presents yet!!
But I just can't wait i'm toooo excited!!!

Kasen loves his little sister!

Bed head much?! CUte little boy!

Sweet little girl!

Well good morning there sweetie!

Christmas dress again! :) Her hair is finally growing back again!

House warming present from my momma!
"So many of my smiles begin with You"

I don't know why all of these Christmas dress pictures are all out of order, they are all from the same day!

Love my boys!!!

A friend gave me this sign. I think it fits the boys perfectly.
Cookies for Santa! mmmmm :)

Boys will be boys...
There is more where that came from too. 
Holy jeans... a never ending story.

Enjoying her jumper again!

Another one of him sleeping in the box. Love you Layton! Sweet dreams!

 Open day... everything "has to be open". phh! crazy kids!

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