Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Kasen: Layton do you want to play the animal game with me?
Layton: No
Kasen: Yes, Layton you have to play with me.
Layton: I don't want to!
Kasen: If you don't play with me I am going to throw the ladder at you!

Me: Kasen come here
Kasen: What?
Me: Why would you think it's okay to threaten to throw a ladder at your brother? Do you think that's okay?
Kasen: No mom you don't understand... it's only IF he doesn't play with me; THEN I will throw the ladder at him
Me: (by this point I was trying so hard not to laugh) Just because he doesn't want to play with you doesn't mean it's okay to throw anything at anyone. Sometimes people don't want to play what you want to play.
Kasen: Well he should just listen to me, then I don't have to throw the ladder.

The conversations we have are so funny.

Also, the other day Layton tells me... "Mom a hippo weighs 8,000 lbs!! That's even more than you!!"

Last night Kasen told me, "Mom I love you so much. I love you even more than you love me... seriously."

Layton is loving learning lately. He is doing great with learning words and how to read and is super close to tying his shoes.

Kasen gets pretty stubborn. If he sees Layton excelling at something he tells me he doesn't want to try or that he doesn't want to learn. I just don't pressure him, but try and work with them separately. They are definitely in this phase of not wanting to be "worse" at things than the other, so they would rather not try.

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