Sunday, October 25, 2015

Leah is 5 months Old

What a little doll! Right now my kids ages are 5, 5 and 5 months. :) Leah is still our little light that brightens every day. She is something special and we are dote on her. Her personality is really starting to come out and she is getting more and more social all the time. She is so intent on watching people and she tries so hard to copy everything we do. It is SO funny. She tries to whistle, or smack her lips or stick out her tongue while watching us. It makes us laugh so much when she does those things or tries to talk to us. We gave her a piece of dried apple the other day and she made the most hilarious faces. A couple days later we gave her a piece of ham to chew on and she did the same thing. We got it on camera, and is so fun. I love watching her learn and grow.  I think i'll probably introduce some baby food to her here in the next couple of weeks.

Leah rolls over from back to tummy (has been since 3 months old), but still doesn't go from tummy to back. which is funny. She was sleeping 9-11 hours at night then was "off" for a 3-4 nights but is now back to sleeping 7-8. I think she was just missing that extra feeding when she was sleeping so long and was hungry. Leah loves to be outside, loves to socialize, is ticklish, and loves every member of our family individually. She is always having her feet up by her mouth, grabs toys really good and of course is putting everything in her mouth!

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