Sunday, October 25, 2015

Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner

We celebrated Canadian thanksgiving. I know this turkey picture loks kind of gross but it actually looked, smelled and tasted amazing. It was my first Turkey that I have ever cooked and it was great!

 The table in progress of being all set. I didn't really get any more pictures, but it was cute!

We had our really good friends over for dinner! Andrew and Marc Bigler (my childhood friends) and their cute wives and kids came. I just love all of them SO much. Andrew and I were the best of friends for years and we just love him and of course marco too. :)  My cousin Eldon came too, but I didn't get any picture with him (he left right after dinner).

Here is Atley (Andrew an Kim's daughter) with Leah.

They are 25 days part.

 Here is all three of the little girls that were born this year.
Hattie is 9 months old, Atley is 5 months and Leah is 4 months in this picture!

Of course with three littles it's hard to get a good picture.... haha

 Marc with Hattie. Me with Leah. Andrew with Atley.
So crazy that all of us had little girls this year.

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