Saturday, August 15, 2015

Leah is 3 Months Old

Oh my dear sweet little Leah. Where do I even start? You have forever changed our lives. Your presence in our home has brought an almost tangible spirit of purity, happiness and selflessness. We love you SO much. You will never be lacking in affection from your family. We absolutely adore you. Having you in our family has been so healing and we love to dote on your every need.

You are already drooling so much. I don't remember your brothers drooling this much at your age. I hope it's not teething already, because then I feel so bad for you.

You always bring your legs up in the air and then drop them hard on the floor. It's so cute, but at night it sure is noisy! Even when you sleep in the living room we can hear you banging your legs to the ground. It makes us laugh.

You are always ready to smile for almost anyone, but so far you are a momma's girl. I can get you so happy and so smiley and you just beam when you see me. I feel so incredibly special to be your #1  even it is because i'm the one that can feed you ha!

We put you in the bumbo a couple days ago. It makes you look so big and is bitter sweet. I really loved your small little "newborn-ness" but I'm afraid that's gone now and your already developing into a sweet little happy baby girl.

You sleep about 6 hours at night and have been since 2 months old. Thanks sweetie, it helps keep momma happy and functioning through the day.

Your Daddy adores you and we often look at each other and say things like, "Isn't she the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?" or "I can't believe she's actually ours and she's here."

Kasen and Layton are also right there always talking to you, trying to get you smile, being dramatic when you have a poopy diaper and enjoy reporting every little thing that they do. They smother you with kisses all the day long and always tell me, "Mom Leah is SO cute!".

Your 2 Month stats (which was more like 2 1/2 months)

Weight:      11 lbs 14 oz---- 60 %
Height:      24.2 inches-----  91%
Head Circ  37.5 cm---------- 7%

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