Saturday, August 29, 2015

We're Moving

I miss blogging so much, but I really do get so overwhelmed with all the time it takes to keep this updated, and then all the time it takes to catch up when I get behind..... :(

These last few months have been a whirlwind. We have had such a fun summer doing lots of fun stuff and spending too much money. We've had bbq's with friends, beach days with family, Leah's baby blessing, the Hutchins came and visited for a few days, wev'e been able to see Mom and Dad a few times, Thomas and I went to a Van Halen concert (lol, so NOT my scene), we went to the zoo, had a pool party at Thomas' friends place, went swimming, boys started soccer and not to mention all the day in and day out tasks of being a mother and having THREE kids now! Whew! It's a good life.

Most recently however we have had some big news. We are moving back to Rexburg, ID! Thomas got a job at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center (the big hospital in Idaho Falls). We are excited for the job. It will give him a  lot of really really good experience because he will get to be in surgery, doing flouroscopy, and a lot more intense xray. The pay is better, benefits are better and hours are more stable. The manager really likes Thomas and is very excited to have him on board at their facility.

I also have a job teaching a medical assisting lab at BYUI! Can you believe it? I'm still a little shocked that this is all happening.  A few months ago a friend of my mine (who I went through the medical assisting program with, and is now the department supervisor) posted on facebook that they were looking for someone to fill the position. I wrote her and told her that would be so cool and I would be interested if I lived in the area. Well then a couple months later Thomas applied for the job in  Idaho Falls so I contacted her again and asked about it. She basically told me if I wanted the job it would be mine. When the idea first came about I felt incredibly inadequate and had a "ya right" mentality. Then when we found out Thomas got the job (weeks later), I realized it could be a very good possibility that I could actually teach. After a lot of thought and prayer and waiting, I feel pretty good about it and am starting Sept.14. It will only be 6 hours a week. I'll teach from 3:15-5:15 on MWF. I have felt surprisingly calm and confident about it, which is surprising.

We found an apartment in Rexburg. It's ironically only like 2 blocks  from where we lived 4 years ago. It feels a little like we are moving backwards not forwards, but I have to keep telling myself we are coming back as teachers/employees and not as students. The place we found is really nice. 3 bed, 2 bath and only been lived in for 6 months. I am so excited for the extra room and bathroom and a dishwasher!! woot woot!! There are a ton of amenities too. Hot tub, fitness center, indoor basketball court, a park, play room with toys for kids, fire pit area, game rooms etc. Of course we don't need all of that but it will be fun while it lasts. :)

We are packing up on Labor Day (sept.7th) and moving up on the 8th.

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sally said...

Kayla, I check your blog entries every day to see what is new and good in your life. Your memories are being recorded here and you can look back and see how God has sustained you and your family as you and Thomas grow together. I encourage you to make a short entry each time you read your scriptures (I call that having devotions). Then post the entries when you have had time to digest what you wrote. The record is for you and the posting is for all the people who care about you and want to keep current on how you are. Your kind, thoughtful, and spiritual approach to life is a real witness for our Lord. It is part of your witness, right? I encourage you to write 10 sentences about your day with one photo for memory-keeping (like your journals in grade 4?)

Congratulations on your teaching job!

journeying with you in prayer,