Thursday, August 13, 2015

First Soccer Practice!

Before I had kids of my own, I used to roll my eyes at parents who would make such a big deal out of things like their kids singing during sacrament meeting or going down a slide for the first time or playing soccer. I mean really...... they see their kids all day day, why are they all the sudden so cute and it's "so" amazing to see them do these things? Well let me tell you, I am now "that mom" who obsesses over every little thing they do and make it a big deal.Funny how things change. I LOVE watching Kasen and Layton do new things and having so much fun. They had their first soccer practice and it was a blast and they really were so cute! Layton especially took to it like a natural, which didn't surprise me because he loves to run and is fast. He told me a hundred times after practice, "Mom that was SOOO fun". They can't wait for their next practice and games. I'm so excited for them to start playing sports and loving them like I did. Kasen also told me, "Mom I love soccer, but I still love basketball more". (love it). They got to pick their own numbers. Kasen is #4, Layton is #6.

At the very beginning of practice the coach told the kids to dribble the ball to one end of the field and back. Kasen very very very slowly starting carefully walking and barely kicking the ball 2 inches ahead while still walking, then the coach said, "Kasen bud you can run" and he got super excited and kicked it hard and started running. Lol It cracked me up.

Kasen is #4.    Layton is #6

"Mom this is SOOOO fun!!!"

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sally said...

They look like they are having great fun! Is Kasen really that much taller than Layton (pic 7)? You are now officially a "soccer mom", Kayla; this is just the beginning, I'm sure!

Your little girl is such a sweetie!