Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Some Things From Today

-I just have to remember this..... So I am usually the one out with the boys practicing baseball. I pitch to them and they practice hitting, so i've gotten pretty accurate with how to pitch it just right so they can hit it. Tonight I was having lots of braxton hicks and was feeling pretty uncomfortable so I told Thomas to pitch for a bit. The second pitch Thomas threw for Kasen the ball hit Kasen's hands. Ow! He cried and we kind of laughed/felt sorry for him. While I was comforting Kasen, Layton wanted to hit. I think Thomas threw 3 pitches this time and on the third he pitched the ball hit Layton's hands on the bat. OW! LOL it was honestly pretty funny, but sad.

- Tonight Thomas said something that I never thought I would hear. I was feeling rather big/fat/huge/ginormous after looking at a couple pictures. Anyway I was a little down and told Thomas I felt really fat, and he was like "Oh honey I adore you". and I said, "I know i'm pregnant, but my face and my arms just look huge" and he said, "I love it. It's so cute. It's your baby fat."

So often we as women don't quite get the response we hope for or fish for when we are feeling down, but this was the best I've ever got. Grateful for my husband. We aren't perfect. We disagree, we frustrate each other, and we have a lot of different view points on some things, but we love each other and have promised to always work through things together. I'm grateful to have Thomas as my husband!

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Teija said...

aww... love it! He is a great guy! Hilarious about pitching!