Wednesday, March 18, 2015


So more often than not I don't blog because I don't have pictures. Or I have a ton of pictures and don't have the motivation to upload them. Or because the cord that goes from my phone to the computer went through the wash and so I can't put pics on the comp .... (my current predicament) and let's be honest uploading them and emailing them to myself  then downloading on the lap top takes a lot of time. So there.... I usually don't blog because of my needing pictures, but even though a picture is worth a thousand words.... a few hundred words is worth at least a few hundred words, and that's better than nothing right?

So until I figure out the picture situation..... I guess i'll just write. Granted just writing seems a bit boring, so hopefully that will motivate me soon to deal with picture issue... anyway......

Holy hanna I have been having SO many braxton hicks contractions the last week. My heavens! I have a feeling this little one is going to come early... just hopefully not too early. I have been having lots of baby girl dreams, and I love it. She always has lot's of dark hair. I swear if she comes out bald or blonde I won't think she's mine because of how I imagine her to be.... I think we have decided basically for sure what her name is gonna be and it's so darling.... but i'm not a huge fan of telling everyone what it's gonna be. I like to have some surprise :)

Today I cleaned the house, did some homework, took the boys to the park, did an online class discussion for (in which I totally fell asleep for a few minutes and then woke up to someone saying the closing prayer 15 minutes early.... ummm ya.... I was asked when the class started to say the closing prayer... I have no idea if they were all like umm kayla? kayla? are you going to say the prayer" but then I didn't want to admit to falling asleep after either.... ugh... im terrible). Then we had Adam and Mari and family over for dinner (Thomas' brother is adam). We love having at least one member of family close by. 

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Teija said...

sometimes its nice to hear what is going on and not just see a few pictures, that way we get more detail!