Thursday, March 19, 2015

Valentines Weekend

Guess what?? Pictures..... :)

Over Valentines weekend we went with some friends' to another friends "cabin".... (well it's his parents). This cabin was a huge awesome getaway mansion. This family was in Thomas' ward growing up and Cole was one of his best friends. We had a way fun time relaxing, throwing rocks, shooting, doing fires, and visiting with friends. The boys had fun with the other kids. It was a little chilly out, but still awesome. I'd love to go back in the summer :)

This was our room that we stayed in. The top bunk didn't have a side rail, but Kasen still insisted on sleeping up there. We put a line up of pillows on the side, but it still kept me up all night worrying about him. It especially freaked me out when a pillow or two would fall to the ground. One night I was up till we stayed up till 2 am, but I laid awake till 3 am worrying he was gonna fall out. Eventually I asked Thomas to take him down and lay him with Layton. It was all well and good until he woke up at 6 am freaking out that he wasn't on the top bunk anymore..... ahh!

I just had to snap a shot of this BEAUTIFUL kitchen!!

Doing a little bit of shooting. Lots of fun!

Trying to cover Kasen's ears from the gun shot noise.

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