Friday, September 26, 2014

Canada Part 3

These kids had a blast together and were always cracking us up.

My sister lives on over 5000 acres of land. My Brother in law runs the my uncles ranch out there and he let them build this little cabin out on the lake. It's called Hart Lake because the lake is shaped like a heart. The cabin isn't finished yet, but it's AWESOME. Cute and simple and an awesome getaway. Seriously people would pay big money to come out and stay here. They basically have their own private cabin and lake surrounded by thousands of acres of beautiful farm ground. Just writing this makes me miss it. Me and Thomas, and Tyanna and Ammon (sister and bro in law) stayed out there one night while Grandma and Grandpa watched all the kids.

The lake doesn't really have any fish in it, but my uncle is going to get it stocked sometime. (awesome!!). We had fun out there though paddling the boats around and "fishing" anyway. The boys got to use their own little fishing poles too!

Oh my gosh I miss fourwheeling all the time, whenever I want, wherever I want. The boys LOVED fourwheeling and Kasen loved sitting on the edge haha, little dare devil. but that was his "special spot". We cruised around everywhere.

We also got to hike up Sinkut Mountain.... although when I say "hike"  I mean we drove most the way then unloaded the four-wheelers and drove up to the top.  The view up there is awesome. It was kinda smoky from all the fires, but I loved it anyway. Our family used to always come up here every year in September. usually for FHE one night.

 We have no idea what that thing is on the top of sinkut mountain. NO IDEA. but we just told the kids it was a rocket.

Love these family pics!!!

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Teija said...

I will never look at canoeing the same again! I will always remember the family reunion and all of us girls getting tipped into the water! How fun!