Friday, September 26, 2014

Canada Part 4

Chasing cows.... gosh there is so much I miss about living in Canada. My other cousins own another 5000 acres or so (that connects with my other uncles 5000 acres where my sister lives). We went out for a day and chased cows. Felt so good to be riding again, and the boys like riding the horse with me, and my little niece Tacey too. So fun to hang out with my cousin Brian and Aunt Renetta and just put in a few hours of riding, hard work and getting dirty. It actually went pretty smoothly and we didnt have any crazy bulls charge or cows run away. The weather was incredibly perfect.

Too bad the horse isn't looking in this first picture, but I love these pictures. I got to ride Champion- such an awesome horse. The Kochels have the best horses.


Brian and Thomas taking the horses down to the pasture. My cousins also have a few cabins out on their property.

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