Friday, September 26, 2014

Canada Part 1

Our trip to Canada was amazing. I love it up there so much and it makes it hard to leave when it's time. We did all sorts of things while we were up there. We went hiking up sinkut mountain, horse back riding, fourwheeling, fishing, paddle boating around the lake, sleeping in the cabin, family dinners, church, and so much more. Thomas got to milk a cow for the first time and went out hunting every morning (without shooting of course because he didn't have a license) with my sisters husband. We saw 3 or 4 bears every day, got to help chase cows and bulls and spend lots of time together with my family up there. What a great trip.... so let the blogging about it begin....
I LOVE driving through Banff and Jasper. Seriously it's breath taking. It makes the drive so much better when you have insanely beautiful stuff to look at. The boys did amazing on the whole drive. I don't think they cried or whined once the whole way up there (24+ hours of driving)

Ice Glaciers


Teija said...

Makes me miss it so much! I love being up there in the fall. I can't help but think that one day we will all be together and just hang out and enjoy each other. We are truly blessed to be able to have such an awesome childhood and memories growing up there. Makes me teary- eyed. Love it!

Annie said...

Love all your pics! You got some great shots in the parks and the ones from the Hoof made me so homesick!!! Good times!