Sunday, August 10, 2014

Reunion Part 3

I didn't think my cousin Glenn was coming to the reunion, so I was SO STOKED, when he showed up. Love that guy. I got to meet his cute wife Angela too. You did good glennard. We talked and laughed so much and it was just so fun to crack jokes and play games and hang out.

Uncle Don's Famous Magic Show. lol. Uncle Don is a hoot. He's does this magic show every reunion and it's the most hilarious things ever. It's for the kids, lol. Check out this trick....
Two kids go hide behind a blanket

Now there are no kids under the blanket (look over by the far wall, the kids scurried over to it with everyone to see) and ta da... no one under the blanket.

Just some of us.

Meet Kayla with a Y and Kaela with an E.
This is my cousin's daughter. We share a name. How cute is she?

Saturday night Tyanna, Janae and I hung out with the teenagers. Holy cow I felt like we were at girls camp. It was SO FUN. We scared ourselves to death walking arm in arm down to the lake just before midnight. We laughed and joked, and did the whole "what is that???" and "ahhh something's touching me" and screaming and giggly like little school girls. So funny and made me feel so young! Thanks for the fun girlies! (Jill, Julia and Kaela)

After seeing these pictures i'm not realizing that I look about 50 lbs heavier than i am. lol

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