Sunday, August 10, 2014

Reunion Part 4

Sunday Morning: The last day of the reunion. I remember waking up and thinking I wasn't ready for it to be the last day. :(
We had a Sunday morning service with speakers. I had left the boys in the cabin sleeping since they had gone to bed SO late, and were exhausted. When I headed up to check on them a few minutes into the program I hear yelling. Sure enough Kasen was crying/yelling,
Poor kid. I should have just woke them and brought them with me down to the fireside. He was probably scared. Although, I went in and Layton was just happily playing with a big smile on his face.

Some of the view. Seriously it was gorgeous.

Kasen and Hanna- (there funny faces)

This is the best Aunt anyone could ever have. She's happy, she's encouraging, she's optimistic, she's loveable and loves to laugh. She is giving, and kind and thoughtful. I love Aunt Annie.
(this is what happens when a man takes a picture.....)

My cutie patootie little Layton boy.

Saying goodbye to his best friend :) We miss you Hanna! Thanks so much for helping me with the boys, especially Kasen. You are such a thoughtful and sweet girl.

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