Monday, August 11, 2014

Reunion Part 2

The lake was awesome!! It was the cleanest lake I have ever been too. Seriously you could see the little fish swimming around and the rocks like 20 feet down. It was so gorgeous!! 

Here are most all of the youth/kids on the dock.

I got my try at paddle boarding. Super easy and fun!! I love it! It was kind of crazy to just have the boys playing on the beach all day and I kind of (more or less) got to go do all the fun stuff that sometimes mommies can't do. My mom and dad kept and sisters kept on eye on the boys. But really, they just played with their cousins. Ah! Love it!

Cute little picture of my niece Emree!

Canoeing! The boys loved lookin off the side at the fish and awesome rocks.

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