Monday, August 11, 2014

Reunion Part 1

We got to go to Montana for a family reunion. Well the boys and I did. Thomas had to stay and work :(  I was so sad he couldn't come, but we had so much fun still. Seriously I wake up in the mornings and wish I was back at this place. This was the best reunion that ever. We had a blast, I just wish it was longer. There was a basketball court, volleyball net, tons of all kinds of balls, a sand box, the lake, canoes, paddles boards, diving board, slide, the lake, cabins with bathroom and showers, lots of fun with lots of family!

My beautiful sister Tyanna! We got to share one side of the cabin. The kids had a blast being "big kids" and sleeping on the top bunkbeds. We pushed all the bunk beds together and the kids felt special :)

Little Tacey Girl!! She is the cutest tiniest little girl :)

Kesler and Rusting :)

Kasen and Beckett!

Layton and Beckett!

Grandpa duty! We love Grandma and Grandpa :) Such great helpers with all the kiddos!


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JillN said...

I loved reading all of your posts about the reunion. I am so glad you and your cute boys got to come. It was a great reunion. Hanna wishes we lived so closer so we could see you more. Maybe we will have to stop and visit when we come to Utah.
This is really from Kaylynn,not Jill:)