Friday, July 18, 2014

The Rest of May

Well here is what the left overs (of what I haven't already blogged about) of May. I'm starting my catch up...

I had my 25th birthday, and we went to Lagoon! We had a 100$ pre paid visa card so we splurged and went.  It was SO fun. Unfortunately there were a million people there. It was the first hot day of the year, tons of dance competitions going on and the U was having a huge discount day. The first couple hours was perfect, but then we started waiting in lines for almost an hour for a thirty second ride. So that got kinda lame kinda fast. It was awesome though, to just spend the day with Thomas and go on some awesome rides! I love roller coasters!!

 We went up to Rexburg to visit Thomas' sister and family. While there we went back to good old BYUI. Gosh I love that place. We visited some old professors (so fun). We walked all around and talked all about all our memories there. Where we first met, all the places we worked on grounds, where I lost my wedding ring, where i found my wedding ring, the First Aid class we took together, all of the studying at the library, my basketball games and practices, the stadium, my old apartment etc.. This place has so many memories of us. So much is the exact same, and SO much has changed. There are like so many insane huge new buildings an apartments. It's growing so much. Especially from when I first went in 2007.

So as we were waiting for another professor to get done with his class we randomly ran into MIRANDA! (this is my sister's husband's sister). It was so crazy. I guess she kind of saw one of the boys and then was like "oh that's cute" and then she saw the other, and she was like, "wait, they look familiar". Then she saw Thomas, and was like "OK NO WAY IT IS THEM!" I seriously can't believe we saw her. There was like no one on campus at the time (it was pushing 5pm). What are the odds?!?! love this girl!
 It snowed on our way to Cody WY, and on mother's day too actually.
 After Wyoming we went back to Utah and hit up temple square (this was right after Thomas' interview with North Ogden InstaCare.

 The were BUSY running around this place. The boys and I waited by a different waterfall when Thomas went to get the car, and they were literally soaked. Oh well. I didn't really care, they had fun.

I love to see the temple, I'm going there someday.... :)

We traveled a lot, got dirty, and grumpy.

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