Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Holy Ghost

Choice 2: John 14:15–17, 26–27; 15:26–27; 16:7–8, 13–14. The Savior’s Instructions about the Holy Ghost

  1. As you study the following verses, make a list of what the Savior taught about (1) what the Holy Ghost does and (2) what disciples must do to receive the Holy Ghost:
    • John 14:15–17- 1.) Comforts                   2.) Keep his Commandments
    • John 14:26–27  1.) Teacher                      2.) Be not Afraid, Have Peace
    • John 15:26–27  1.) Testify                        2.) Be Worthy
    • John 16:7–8      1.) Reprove the World Of Sin   2.) Have Faith
    • John 16:13–14 
  2. Add to your list above as you study the following resources:
    • Institute student manual Points to Ponder, “The Holy Ghost Brings Man to His Fullest Potential” (pg. 168)
    • Institute student manual Points to Ponder, “As a Messenger of the Godhead, the Holy Ghost Teaches Faithful Members” (pg. 168)
    • Bible Dictionary, “Holy Ghost” (pg. 704) 
    • According to all of the above resources the Holy Ghost can also protect, warn, guide, lead, teach, comfort, inspire, prompt and testify.
  3. Review your list of what the Holy Ghost does. Then write responses to the following tasks:
    • Describe how the Holy Ghost helped the Apostles fulfill their missions after the Savior’s death and resurrection.The Apostles were able to fulfill their missions after the Savior's death by having the Holy Ghost inspire, teach and prompt them. The Holy Ghost also testified to them. 
    • Write a paragraph about a time when the Holy Ghost blessed you in one of the ways you listed above. Give an example of how the Holy Ghost has inspired you.  A couple weeks ago I had to give a talk in church about sustaining church leaders. There were several times while I was preparing that I was inspired to leave out something I was considering sharing, or include something different that I hadn't thought about. I know that was the Holy Ghost inspiring me so that I could give a talk that would be most beneficial to the congregation.

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