Friday, July 18, 2014

June in Pictures

All of these pictures are out of order, but oh well!
We went to Oregon to visit my sister Teija and the family. We had a blast four wheeling, playing outside, working and just being together! The kids had a blast playing on the trampoline with the sprinklers and soap.

We played in Bluffdale UT with my brother, Aaron and his family.
This is the boys and their cute cousin Maia. 
They love each other lots!

We went to the beach with them. When I say "beach" I mean a little reservoir in the middle of a bunch of neighborhoods.

Little cutie, Drew.

Kasen having fun!


The boys LOVE to swim!
  This was shortly after we moved to our new place. I came out to find the boys had taken everything out of a huge toy box that was outside, and had neatly lined them up between all the flower. 
(look closely, the boys are at the end!). This cracked me up!

Grandpa Nelson came and visited and we went and fed the ducks......

Just hanging out!

Our cute little white house!
 Spaghetti!!! mmmmmmm......

 I have absolutely no idea how this little video was made or even turned into a video, but it is what it is I guess. Lol I'll keep it!

Out on a walk!!

Up in the Apricot tree in the front yard!

 When Thomas started his job, they gave us a free family pass to the local aquatic center. It was a fun day!

We've been trying to do more "preschool" type stuff with them. I'm afraid i'm not too consistent, but my semester is done next week, then I can get things in order! (Hopefully)

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