Monday, March 3, 2014

Uplifting Experiences 6- Wedding Ring

A few months after we were married, I lost my wedding ring. I thought I left it in my coat pocket in the truck at work. The next day I looked and it wasn't there. I prayed and prayed the next couple days that I would find it. I worked on the grounds crew at BYUI so i basically accepted that there was no way  I was going to find it. I could be anywhere. A few days after losing it, it snowed a good 4-5 inches. My hope was shattered. I was FOR SURE never going to find it now. That night when there were no vehicles in the parking lot, the snow plows came and plowed everywhere on campus.

I came to work the next day, and we were leaving the parking lot to start work, we drove by a huge pile of snow. Probably 8 feet high, and 5 feet wide. As we drove by out of the corner of my eye something sparkled. I yelled for the driver to STOP (dont remember who was driving)!!! I jumped out and right on the edge of that HUGE pile of snow was my wedding ring. That was BEYOND a miracle. I couldn't stop thanking my Heavenly Father. I know he had a hand it in and saw it fit to bless me with the finding of my ring. Miracles do happen. I have faith that He hears and answers our prayers.

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