Sunday, January 26, 2014

Layton Funnies.

Layton has been saying the funniest things in the middle of the night or early in the morning. I think he has been having weird dreams.

The other morning I hear him start crying, so I went in and we had this conversation.....

Layton: "mom, there was fish, and lots of water, and a water fountain, and there were frogs. A big frog. And a water fall"
Mom: Oh, that's ok, go back to sleep.
Layton: Ok mom, love you good night
Love you too bud, night.

Another morning he comes in our room
Layton: "Daddy there bad guys in my room?"
Me and Thomas: "No there are no bad guys in your room"
Layton: "There's no bad guys?"
Me: "No buddy there are no bad guys."
Layton: "ok.... good night!"

Another morning
Layton: "Daddy you check if there are poo poo's on my bum?"
Thomas: What bud?
Layton: you check for poo poo's on my bum?
Me: Buddy, do you need to go potty?
Layton: No. Can you check my bum?
Me: ok lets go in the bathroom.
haha he didn't poop or anything, it was so random. lol

Love this little boy
-he is obsessed with cars and trucks
-he totally acts out and imitates movies while he watched them
-or he will come into the kitchen or wherever I am and say "watch mom", then he will act something out from a movie, and say, "I so funny?" or he will say, "remember that?" and I will laugh and say yes! that's awesome
-Layton is very pretty sensitive. he doesn't like scary things and always tells me he wants to watch a nice movie. If there is anything remotely scary he will cover his eyes or hide under a blanket.
-he is a very sweet boy, and a pretty good listener. Although dinner time is usually a fight. He is SO picky!!

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