Tuesday, January 28, 2014

He Bit Me!

I put this on facebook, but just had to have in on this record.

Layton is screaming and crying so I come out and check on him....

Layton: Kasen (sob sob) Kasen (cry cry) BIT me!! 
Me: He bit you?!?! Where? 
(he then reveals a bad bite mark on his leg that's already bruising.)
Me: Kasen!!! Did you bite Layton?
Kasen: ummmmmmmmm yes.
Me: Kasen that is NOT nice! You DO NOT ever bite your brother, or anyone!!!
Kasen: but moommmmmm........ it wasn't so so hard, just a little bit hard bite.

Then I hear Thomas bust a gut laughing in the background. So of course I laugh, and Kasen laughs, while Layton cries.

(Back to serious face)
Me- You tell your brother you are sorry, then go get your nose in that corner right now!!! You do not bite people!
Kasen: but it wasn't so so hard......
I glare at him...
ok I go to the corner.... sorry Layton.

oh my boys... i sure love them.

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