Friday, January 17, 2014

Mann Creek Reservoir

 We love to go out on drives and explore the area. There is a reservoir out a few miles, and we spent the afternoon out there. We brought our sleds, but wasn't much place to go. I wish we had skates because the lake was of course frozen solid and the from land till about 12 feet in flat as can be, solid ice, the whole way around the lake. We did a little hiking around the reservoir and then we followed some road for miles up in the mountain to find some other hiking rails and campgrounds for future reference. If by some chance we stay here.
We let the boys just sit with us or in the way back while we drove way up on the road. It was pretty isolated. They loved it!!
Kasen driving with Daddy

Such a cute picture of Layton!! Just hanging out in the back. He just stared out the back window for the longest time.

We concluded that this funnel looking thing is an overflow outlet.

The boys loved climbing up these rocks.

Once we got to the top the boys were sweating haha. They stripped down to just their sweaters.

Cute little Kasen!!

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