Monday, October 14, 2013

Last Bit

The last of Moses Lake.
Brianne was my roommate in college for a semester. Love this girl. She is from Moses Lake and I was so excited to find out she moved back home and her and her husband and little baby all lived in Moses. It was SO fun to hang out with her and her cute fam! She grew up on a dairy farm and so we went one day and did the tour. It was fun, and of course the boys loved it.

Cozy cozy on the couch.
The Bairs (the ones I'm always mentioning) got more tracks for the boys for their birthday. Layton is particularly obsessed with trains.

The day before our big move we went to Wenatchee. Thomas had a mandatory meeting there for a scholarship he got. I got to say goodbye to a lot of good friends, and of course the Garcia's.
A girl in our old ward put together a little play date for me. A lot of my good friends came and it was good for me and i think for them too. Being so soon after the passing of our baby, I felt like it was good for them to see me and see that I was ok. It was healing for me too. Talking about it and knowing I had so much love and support from all those wonderful women was a great strength to me. I wish I got pictures with everyone.
Jessica was my visiting teaching partner in Moses Lake. She is a gem and I just love her.

Melissa was also a good friend. Thomas got along great with her husband too so we hung out a bunch

There were also so many other people in the ward who have touched my life for good. Wish I had pictures of each of them.

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