Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just Some Catching Up

It has been a long, long time since I have blogged. My "catching up" will probably be pretty random posts, and a little bit of here, there and everywhere. This is probably going to be part 1 of times in Moses Lake before moving.
My little boys enjoying a movie together.

The fire truck at WalMart. They love this thing.

Slip in slide at our friends house. First time doing this. Had a blast!

Picnic lunch. Taking a break from playing. This is Jens and Jillian-there Moses Lake besties. We sure miss them!
Family outing throwing rocks in the lake.
Kasen trying to look innocent!

As you can tell, we love the Bair family, here we are at the park.
Getting ready to go somewhere.

What a cutie patutie!

Pushing their trucks
My boys!!

Handsome as can be :)
This little stinker couldn't sleep one night. He came out around 10:00 looking like this.

Beginning of packing

This family lost their baby boy in January. She was 38 weeks along just like me. They were in our stake in Moses Lake, and we had dinner with them at our bishop's house. It was a nice evening and so good to get to know them. We understood eachother.

 Well that's all for this post, folks.

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Marissa said...

I love the picture of Thomas and the boys sitting on the green utility box. You've gotta frame that one! So cute with their boots on.