Saturday, October 19, 2013

3rd Birthday!!!

The boys are 3 years old!!!!!! What??? oh man I love these two.
It was SO fun asking the boys questions and listening to their answers. I knew most of them already but some were fun to find out. Like their favorite color, and what they want to be when they are big.
It's too bad the picture quality on my phone wasn't being very good. I'm hoping to go take some cute ones with the fall leaves sometime soon.
Their birthday was pretty simple. Since we just moved in ten days earlier, we didn't know anyone, so it was just us :) I made homemade pizza, we did presents and cake.
I asked the boys these questions

Other fun things about Kasen
-he is really into animals and dinosaurs
- he is our little explorer, he never wants to leave where we are and can spend hours doing his own thing
-Kasen is SO stubborn. Very headstrong. His way or the highway.
-He is a major negotiator. We say two more minutes, he says five. We say one more drink he says two more. We say two more bites he demands only one. Disciplining is so fun.....
-Kasen loves to snuggle with his momma. Love it. Except at three in the morning when he comes in my room and wants to snuggle with me.
-He loves to be outside. He can throw rocks F.O.R.E.V.E.R.....
-He loves riding his bike
-his favorite cereal is special k strawberry kind
-Kasen makes friends so easily, especially with girls it seems haha
-He likes me to sing "I am a child of God" to him before bed

Our Layton Boy!

Layton is always on the go. He likes to stop, throw some rocks, look at something quick and then he always says "ok lets get going"
-he is a really good listener, even if he doesn't want to do something I'm asking him to do he would rather do it than be in trouble. He is sensitive that way, and doesn't like it if we get upset at him
-Layton is so loveable, and he is hilarious. Ask anyone and they will tell you how funny he is.
-he has the BEST laugh ever. oh my heck its so cute/funny.
-Layton has finally gotten over his fetish of ripping books/paper. I'm not kidding, he used to rip every single book near him. sigh. all of our books are ruined.
-He also LOVES his bike, and is always asking to go on a bike ride
-He is really into cars/trucks/motorcycles, I wonder if that will ever change? He loves em!
-He loves to color, and likes me to sing to him every night. "His" song is 'you are my sunshine'

Not sure what happened to the pictures of Layton, but here is Kasen with his #3 pancake breakfast.
 Layton requested a truck cake and Kasen wanted a Lion. I randomly came up with this. The boys loved them SO MUCH. haha love that kids love simplicity.
Happy Birthday kiddos

Some friends from Wenatchee gave me some baseball gloves months ago. I've been saving them up for their birthday.  It was pretty funny. I don't even think they knew what they were. They opened em up said wow then threw them across the room. haha
We also gave them some "Halloween candy" that we had.
That was it. Hanging on to the theory of "they wont remember anyway".

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