Saturday, May 25, 2013

Funny Boys

*The other morning Kasen walks in our room and goes to Thomas. After a few minutes I ask......
"Kasen wanna come snuggle with mommy?
"No Momma's too big."

*Layton had his hand in his mouth, I think trying to relieve some molar teething pain. Anyway he sneezed really hard with his fingers still in and he bit his finger really hard (indent and everything), he cried and cried, sad but funny.

*We are putting the boys in the tub, and try to get Kasen to go potty before hand. He said he didn't need to go, so we put him in tub. As we are getting Layton undressed, getting bubbles, etc, we weren't paying attention to Kasen, but then he hands Thomas a lego, and says, "here you go daddy." Thomas dumps it out in the sink, and yup he filled the lego up with pee.....

*Layton loves to yell, "I did it!!!!" When he goes in the potty.

*I'm asking the boys what they want to do.
"Do you wanna do bubbles?"
"Do you want to color?"
"Do you want to clean up? Play on patio? Get out chalk? Play with playdough?
"No No No No......"
"Ok what then?"
(Kasen) "mmmmmmmmm.....". (puts his finger on cheek. thinking thinking...) "I want to eat food!!!"

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