Sunday, February 10, 2013


Last night when we put the boys to bed, Layton was kind of crying (which is unusual at bed time for him), but I just ignored it, said goodnight and shut the door. Immediately though I heard him get out of his bed, run to the door while crying and saying something i couldn't quite understand. I opened the door and asked what was wrong. He immediately sat on the floor, folded his arms and said, "Mom.... Me... Prayers....." how sweet is that? I think he was upset that Kasen said the prayer and we didn't really pay attention that Layton wanted to help or say his own prayer too. It melted my heart. It reminded me of how close children are to the spirit and that they really can feel the spirit, and are so receptive to it. I never want to forget these special moments with my kids. To me, I feel like we all have kids that have different needs, interests, flaws, or talents, but no matter what those things are, your kids are YOUR kids and nothing can stop you from loving them to the point that it hurts. I am grateful for my kids and the happiness I get every single day from them.

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sally said...

Well said, Kayla! so often it seems that listening to our children in their innocence is just like listening to the Spirit. Jesus told His disciples to become like the children (Matt. 18:3) but usually we are all so worried about proving how grown up we are that we miss the little things that are so important like praying! Well done being sensitive to your boy's need to pray, Kayla.